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Where do the Bears go from here?

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After a promising 5-1 start to the season, the Bears have slipped to 5-7.

The 5-1 start was called a fluke by many in the mainstream media and the fanbase alike, and this now seems to be confirmed by the continuous run of poor form and poor decision making exhibited by this team.

We are two seasons removed from Matt Nagy being crowned coach of the year, but was the 12-4 record really down to Nagy? Or was it down to Vic Fangio’s defensive scheming and the defensive personnel that earned the head coach those accolades?

Ryan Pace was anointed GM of the year that same season, but his record as a general manager is anything but impressive. One playoff appearance in six seasons is enough for anyone to be removed from their position, so why is Pace still in his?

It is evident that the Mitch Trubisky gamble did not pay off, but we do not need to go over the reasons for this, or point out that he was the wrong choice, that record has been played to death. We all know it, and we know Pace needs to answer for it. Also, Nick Foles is nothing more than a back-up, and an expensive one at that.

The Bears have to improve

With four games remaining in a disappointing season, most Bears fans are starting to look forward to the offseason and to potential draft positioning. For a small minority however, they are holding out hope that the Bears can have a positive run of games and somehow squeeze into the post-season.

So, each Sunday you have some fans rooting for a Bears win and some rooting for a Bear loss, and I completely understand the viewpoints from each side of the argument. Win out, make the postseason and you never know (but we do). Lose out and get a higher draft pick and cement the exits of both Pace and Nagy.

For me, I cannot bring myself to cheer for a Bears loss, its just not how I am wired. Regardless of anything else I will always cheer on my team and hope that we go out and win the game every week.

So at this point I will continue to hope that the Bears go on a run and win out in these last 4 games, regardless of how that affects draft position in the new year. The draft is a gamble, there are no sure things.

When the Bears get a win it feels great. I feel great. If we were to have things go our way and we make the playoffs then that would also be great. If the Bears are out after week 17, then we have no more Bears football for 9 months, 9 months! Let’s make the most of the games before we disappear into a long offseason.

Don’t get me wrong, regardless of what happens the rest of the season, major changes are required from the very top of this organization, to the GM, to the head coach. We must change direction and make smart football decisions.

However much sense tanking the rest of the season makes for draft position, you can bet that the players and coaches will not have this mindset week in and week out. The McCaskey’s need to look at the situation as fans of their own franchise and say to themselves that over the next 4 weeks regardless if we go 0-4 or 4-0, changes need to be made and people need to be held accountable. No more mediocrity and no more leniency.

Where do you stand?

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