Saturday, April 1, 2023

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This incredible 2020 Bears team continues to find a way

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The Bears are 5 and 1.

This defence just keeps winning games. It was another stellar performance from this unit who are really showing themselves to be the championship caliber defence that we expected them to be this season.

Last week I preached patience with the offence. They had 10 days since the last game to work on their scheme and for Foles and his players to build relationships. There were some improvements, but a lot of the same issues we’ve seen all season have remained.

Bears have issues, but keep winning

The Bears running game is still a real concern. David Montgomery continues to use his outstanding abilities to make plays when he can, but that offensive line sometimes really doesn’t help the cause.

Anthony Miller continues to slip down the WR chart, while Darnell Mooney on the other hand is really showing what a steal he was in the 5th round as he moves permanently into the WR2 position.

After weeks of criticism Cole Kmet got more involved today and caught a great ball in the endzone for his first career touchdown. If they manage to involve him more moving forward then this will be an impressive tight end room.

We’ve got to continue to be patient.

If the defence can continue to play lights out every week then it allows the offence more time to hit their stride, and I think it will come. This team isn’t anywhere near the complete package yet, but they have still won 5 out of 6 games on the year, that is impressive.

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