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Does Justin Fields have the weapons in year 2

After a rough rookie season Justin Fields has started to look much better in the first few days of training camp. It's a time of optimism across the NFL and everyone has new hope, but is the Bears hope...

3 Up 3 Down: Week 9 Bears at Steelers

If you read through my pre-game preview you would know how surprised and disappointed I am with this result. I guessed that the Steelers would beat the Bears but I thought they would put a heavier defeat on Chicago....

Bears face Steelers looking to get back on track

Last week’s defeat to the 49ers left the Bears with a 3-5 win-loss record. To make matters worse, my backing of the Bears in last week’s predictions has slapped me with my first loss of the season, taking my...

Matt Nagy’s reign of boredom is nearing end

After a brief respite from the reign of Matt Nagy due to his covid diagnosis, he will return to coach the Bears against the Steelers in week 9. While week 8's absence may not have resulted in a win,...

Trade Deadline day: Bears very quiet

Ryan Pace said to local radio before the NFL trade deadline that the Bears will have a aggressive mindset to improve. Now looking at Pace’s trading history, he has never been scared to get his hands dirty and do...

3 Up 3 Down: Week 8 Bears vs Niners

It's 3 up 3 down time again as we tackle the Bears latest loss at home against the 49ers. Well I suppose this is what I get for being hopeful of a win. Not great at all getting done over...

Bears host 49ers in must win game

Coming into this game I am now 4-0 in my weekly Bears predictions, a hot streak that I hope will continue because I feel like this game is all up in the air. Both teams are not the best...

Khalil Mack Bears on the edge

It was reported on Wednesday 27th October, that Khalil Mack would not be expected to play this week against the San Francisco 49ers, due to an ongoing injury with his foot. Mack played against the Buccs in Sunday’s demolition of the...

3 up 3 down: Week 7 Bears at Bucs

I feel like there is going to be a bit of Déjà vu here from last week’s 3 up 3 down and for anyone that read my pre-match review and prediction for the Buccaneers game, you’re going to see...

Bears travel to Tampa hoping for improvement

After the loss to the Packers I’m at 3-0 in my weekly predictions, a small silverlining after getting beat by Green Bay. I’m afraid today, that it may go the same way as the Bears play the reigning SuperBowl...