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Tarik Cohen: What Now?

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Tarik Cohen, as many bears fans are aware, can be an absolutely devastating weapon on any offense.

But – our question is – can we utilise him to his full extent, or cut our losses and trade him out?

Read on to find out our conclusions!

Cohen is a weapon

He is the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife for any head coach: an effective runner, elusive in the backfield, with good hands that give options to create mis-matches across any defensive scheme.

Most people would agree that last year was an ‘annus horriblis’ for Cohen.

The big question for fans and coaches alike is this: Trade him or keep him?

There’s no doubts that there are many who see themselves with a foot in each camp – they love him, but can’t see how we can make the most of him.

Don’t just listen to the fans, though!

ESPN ranks Cohen ahead of Montgomery in its fantasy rankings and that, in itself, is a measure of how much he rates in the team, and also how important he is to the team.

For me, at least, I’d be making more use of him this year. His speed, good hands – these all make for excellent weapons and changing the focal point of any attacking move.

We want and Need to see a return to previous Years

Not only that, but he is a weapon in punt returns:

His 2018-2019 highlight reel is just a joy of wonderful play all-round:

What’s not to like about this guy? He’s a character and a leader in the dressing room, from all accounts, and as a “senior” guy, he’s got to be a good mentor to the likes of Montgomery and others in that camp.

For me, keep him around. Pay him, do what it takes.

If he’s playing well, your team’s doing well, right?

We want and we need to see a return to the previous years’ stats of over 1,500 yards, 10.2 yards per reception, over 500 yards in punt returns. These are the things and the bellweathers that will show us that our offense is back on track.

In writing this article, I just hope that Coach Nagy is reading this too, and getting as excited as me about the prospect of seeing Cohen rip up opposing defenses, creating something from nothing, and leaving us on the edge of our seats.

Track Cohen

Never mind the QB competition, running back is where it’s at!

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