Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Profile: Tarik Cohen

Bears RB Tarik Cohen is ready to take 2020 by storm

Cohen’s college career was marked by concerns over his height. He was taken on by North Carolina AT & T and did very well for them.

What changed his trajectory was the famous backflip video, shown below, still amazing to this day for it’s sheer audacity and athleticism.

Jeff Dickersen of ESPN was taken aback, saying “He Did What?”

Tarik later explained that he was competing with someone, and so he had to up the ante to make sure he finished on top.

I had to one-up him. That’s when I did the one-handed catch

Tarik Cohen

The Draft 2017

The draft in 2017 drew many comparisons to Darren Sproles amongst other running backs of his size, and Cohen was projected to be a sixth round pick.

The bears drafted him in the fourth round, 119th overall. It’s fair to say they got him for a good price!

Overall, in his rookie season, Cohen finished with 370 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns, 358 receiving yards, one receiving touchdown, and one passing touchdown.

In 2018, Tarik started delivering big for the Bears.

He finished the season with 444 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns. He also had 71 catches for 725 yards and 5 caught touchdowns, with a league-leading 411 punt return yards.

Not content with this, Cohen was also named to the 2019 Pro Bowl Roster and as a return specialist the All Pro Team.

Echoing the 2018 season for the Bears, Cohen finished the 2019 season with 64 carries for 213 rushing yards to accompany 79 receptions for 456 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns.

We have previously asked the question: what now for?

Well – we should find a way to use him, he really is a legit weapon and game changer, he can make all the difference. And he will.

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Profile: Tarik Cohen

Bears RB Tarik Cohen is ready to take 2020 by storm Cohen's college...

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