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Profile: Allen Robinson II

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Chicago’s WR1 Allen Robinson II is a man on a mission in 2020

Bleacher Nation have Robinson throwing up WR1 numbers this season, and we at the Ditka Digest thought that we’d take a look at his background, and create a profile of the man we all know and love.

Starting out at Penn State in 2011, it was in 2012 and 2013 that he threw up epic numbers, over 1,000 yards in both seasons and an amazing 11 touchdowns in his 2013 season.

The scouts were watching and, although Robinson was heavily fancied to be a round 1 pick, he actually was drafted in 2014 in round 2 with pick number 61 by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Robinson finished his rookie season with 48 receptions for 548 receiving yards and two touchdowns while starting eight games and playing in ten.

Arguably Robinson’s second season in Jax was his best for them, in 2015. A record of over 1,400 yards, with 80 receptions and 14 touchdowns showed that he had the skills, attitude and desire to succeed at the top level of football.

2016 was a season to forget, both for him and for the team. They slumped to a 3-13 record for the season, and this was enough for the Jags to fire Doug Marrone with good cause. 883 yards over 73 receptions with 6 touchdowns would be enough to make a lot of WRs happy, but given his previous exploits, this just didn’t seem like the right level.

2017 – well, worse. In week 1, Robinson had to leave a match against the Texans with a Knee injury and this saw him miss the entire season with a torn ACL. That made 2016 look amazing!

In 2018, Robinson signed terms on a 3 year $42 million contract with Da Bears. 754 yards over 55 receptions, and 4 touchdowns saw him disappoint many, but we knew and had faith that there was more to come. The glimpses were there in the play-off games against the Eagles, as can be seen below in the highlight reel.

Enter 2019. A poor season by our standards, but a good one for Robinson. 98 catches for 1147 yards and 7 touchdowns shows much more there is to come from him, even with a comparatively poor season by Bears standards.

He has the skillset, mindset and will to succeed. Matt Nagy has to find the best way to make him into the undoubted WR1 that he is, and push him into the top ten of all WRs this year.

If he does that, we’re in the playoffs, it’s that simple!

(*) Picture By Jeffrey Beall – Own work, CC BY 4.0,

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