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Mitch Trubisky makes Phenomenal Off-Season Gains

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Mitch Trubisky was plagued by a partially torn labrum to the shoudler of his non-throwing arm last season, which could explain the regression that we witnessed in his 3rd year as Bears QB.

As soon as the 2019 season ended Trubisky underwent surgery to repair his troublesome shoulder, and has been in rehab since then getting ready for the 2020 NFL season.

His shoulder is as strong as it’s ever been and his mobility, range of motion, and strength have improved significantly

Mitch Trubisky has put a lot of work in

As part of Mitch Trubisky’s rehabilitation, he has been working with Spear Training: Sports Performance Enhancement and Athletic Recovery. A recent post on the SPEAR Instagram page should provide Bears fans with a sense of optimism when it comes to expectations for Trubisky this year.

Last season we observed occassional issues with accuracy and an unwillingness to take off on the run, both of which could be attributed to the shoulder injury. If what his trainers are saying are true then we should expect a much more successful outing this upcoming year.

This year is Mitch Trubisky’s most important season to date. In the face of the Nick Foles trade, he needs to prove that this is his team and he is the QB to lead Chicago into the future. In addition to this, he is in a contract year; if he doesn’t become the man in Chicago he risks hitting the FA market and possibly fading into irrelevancy as a back-up somewhere else in the league.

I believe that this is Mitch’s team to lose, time to step up.

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