Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Packers Fallout 2020 – The Fans Views

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Packers Defeats – how demoralising are they?

As we reel from yet another defeat by Green Bay, we take a look at feedback from the fans.

We are all breaking our hearts collectively at this stage.

Wondering what might have been, from a 5-1 start to now sitting 5-6 and any season hopes hanging by a thread.

Every bears fan in the land is having a meltdown right now.

Every bears fan is tired.

Every Week – the Same!

As bears fans, are we truly destined to have our hearts broken every week?

We ask ourselves: will it always be like this?

Do we actually miss Jay Cutler and Love Smith?

Tell us, do you feel the same?

I do!

I get this.

It’s so frustrating being a fan right now, watching us suck so badly, watching the team shoot itself in the head so many times. And always to those Packers.

Yet another Bears loss to the Packers
Yet another Bears loss to the Packers

The Packers? Again?

What about the pros? What do they think?

It’s just as damning….

It’s not like it’s just the fans. Even former players like Lance Briggs are expressing how disappointed they are with how we played.

Even the shining light of the season – our defense – played like they’d only just met in the tunnel before the game.

It Starts At the Top

Watch and listen to this. Tell me you don’t agree. Tell me it doesn’t hurt every time we build our hopes up, and see them dashed.

Who do you blame? Coach Nagy? The Players? The GM? Or do you blame the owners?

Have a listen, let us know your thoughts after another loss to the Packers:

Many people think the same….

……and even the journos think so too…

Bear Down…….

However – on the lighter side, this fan said it better than I ever could:

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