Thursday, January 21, 2021

No joint practices for Bears and Broncos

The Covid-19 epidemic has created a lot of uncertainty for the upcoming NFL season. Earlier this week the NFL made teams aware that they will only be permitted to practice at their own facilities during training camp this summer. In addition to this, any joint practices which were due to be held will also be canceled.

The Bears were due to head to Denver in August for joint practices with the Broncos, before their game on August 22nd. This is unfortunate news for Chicago who would have hoped to see their quarterback competitors get some snaps against a different defense in practice.

No joint practices

The pre-season games will be even more important now as it will be the best chance to evaluate the quarterbacks in a competitive environment.

As of now, all of the pre-season games are still scheduled to go ahead.

The planned practices would have been the second time in the last three seasons that the teams would have met in the pre-season.

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