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NFC North Watch Wk 5: Bears comeback falls short

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This weeks NFC North watch is another disappointing end for the Bears, but there was at least some fight and grit about this performance. How is the division shaping up? Let’s dive in and see.

NFC North Watch: Vikings move to 4-1

I still have no clue how the Vikings are 4-1. They seem to bumble and chip away at teams but never put a full game together, but somehow that is enough. They put up 21-points on the Bears in the first half and then found themselves 22-21 down in the fourth quarter.

Then the good Vikings turn up again with a seven-minute 17-play 75-yard drive and a two-point conversion with 2:26 to play to take the win. Until that drive the Vikings had 39-yards of offence in the second half. Unbelievable.

NFC North Watch: Packers lose in London

There are few things in this life more fun that watching the Packers lose, although doing it early in the morning is more than a little strange. Rodgers was shut-out in the second half by the Giants who are surprising a few this year with their fight but the story here is the Packers offense is looking a shambles.

Masked by somehow winning games they have slowly begun to put together one of Aaron Rodgers worst starts to the season in, well, forever. Long may it continue.

NFC North Watch: Bears find a new way to frustrate

Down 21-3 after the Vikings first three possessions this had all the hallmarks of a social media storm that ended with firings, or at least a complete ripping up of the gameplan. And then Justin Fields threw a 39-yard pass to Darnell Mooney that brought all of that hope flooding back.

The Bears show grit, and courage, and fought their way back with touchdowns either side of the half, followed by two field goals to take an improbably 22-21 lead. I can’t remember the last time the Bears scored on four consecutive offensive possessions.

But like so many things these last years it ended in disappointment again. But I think, I hope, that the Bears have turned a corner. This feels like a significant moment in the development of Justin Fields and the new Bears and OC Luke Getsy maybe does understand how to use Fields after all.

NFC North Watch: Lions futility shines again

A week after falling 48-45 to the Seahawks, the Lions showed another side to their futility as Jared Goff became a turnover machine and the Patriots splattered them 29-0. Every week is a new highlight reel of ineptitude from the Lions.

After gaining all that hype and attention with Hard Knocks it’s the same old Lions trotting out every week to be destroyed by real NFL teams. The Lions are now 1-4 and well on track for the number one pick in the NFL Draft.

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