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NFC North Watch Week4: Bears lose to Giants

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It’s NFC North Watch time and the Bears are struggling to get a foothold in the season. But while the Bears stumble how is the division looking? Let’s take a look.

NFC North Watch: Packers top Patriots

Arron Rodgers had an awful start but was lucky enough to be playing against Mac Jones and the Patriots so it didn’t really matter. The Packers don’t look the unbeatable juggernaut of the last couple of years, but they are still finding ways to win.

However, Rodgers is struggling much more and more consistently than he has of late which, hopefully, means the Packers are about to slide into the oblivion of being average for the next hundred years.

NFC North Watch: Vikings win double-doink drama

The London games often seem to throw up high-scoring (ie appalling defence) games. Whether it’s the travel or the lack of practice time I have no idea, but this was another version of that.

The Vikings jumped out to a very quick lead but never really put the Saints away leading to a fourth quarter fightback of epic proportions with the Saints tying it up late before the Vikings scored an even later FG with just 1:51 left.

Then up steps Greg Joseph, having missed an extra point to leave the game tied with 4:15 left for redemption and to take the game into overtime. Only problem was the football gods wanted one last laugh as his 47-yard field goal double-oinked off the left upright and the crossbar and came up short.

NFC North watch: Double-doink drama in London
NFC North watch: Double-doink drama in London

Somehow the Vikings are 3-1 but they don’t seem any better than other years to me. So expect a slide from them at some point in the not too distant future.

NFC North: Bears Offensive struggles continue in loss to Giants

Justin Fields second-year as Bears starter hasn’t gotten off to the best start and the Chicago offense continues to make me pull my hair out. As much as there are times where you can see what Fields can do, flashes they call them, there are so many more where you just have no clue what he is thinking.

The Bears defence continues to look good-to-great and they could so easily have won this game with a decent offense. But whether the problem is the scheme of HC Matt Eberflus and OC Luke Getsy, or Fields inability to read the defence, or even the complete lack of weapons he has I guess we will find out over the season.

The offensive line surely doesn’t help things either giving up 6 sacks in a putrid display.

Adjustments need to be made urgently or this will be another wasted season in Chicago.

NFC North Watch: Lions put up 35 points and still lose

Some comfort can be taken from just how pointless the Detroit Lions are. They put up 45 points on a decent looking Seahawks defence, and somehow managed to let Geno Smith put up 48 points. It’s a testament to just how bad the Lions have been for so long that it’s not even a surprise.

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