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NFC North watch Week 6: Bears fall again

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This weeks NFC North watch sees the Bears drop a very frustrating game 12-7 to the Commanders. How does the division shape up after 6 weeks? Let’s take a look and find out.

NFC North watch: Vikings win in Miami, move to 5-1

I’m still amazed by the Vikings. A team that had five three-and-outs against the Dolphins somehow comes up with a comfortable win. The Dolphins lost their QB to a cut on his thumb early which in theory should have helped them as the starter was the third-stringer and the second-stringer came in to replace him.

But to no avail. The Vikings allowed only 3 points through three quarters and held off a late Dolphin challenge to move to 5-1. The Vikings are probably the worst 5-1 in the league, possibly with the exception of the Giants. Unbelievable.

NFC North: Packers stunned by Jets

It’s almost unbelievable to think that Aaron Rodgers lost to Zach Wilson. With just 99 yards passing Wilson actually had a better QBR (30.3) than did Rodgers (19.5). The Jets do have a legit defence with ‘Sauce’ Gardner, and one of the better DL’s, but this is a stinker of a result from the Packers.

Their offense has gone massively off the rails this season and Aaron Rodgers seems completely unable to stem the tide of losses that are coming his way. If HC Matt LaFleur can’t fix the issues soon he’d better hope that Rodgers doesn’t turn on him because I think we all know who would be winning that battle.

NFC North: Bears grateful for Lions being in division

At this point HC Matt Eberflus could be on shaky ground already. At 2-4 the Bears are only ahead of the putrid Lions in the division and his decision making would be well suited to them.

Having moved the ball well on two drives in the first half, Eberflus decided to go for it on 4th and goal from the Commanders 1 yard line. Analytics be damned this is a team that has struggled to get any points at all in games so you take the 3. The Bears didn’t and failed.

It sums up the Bears this year that they can outgain a team 391 yards to 214 yards and still score only once. There’s barely a stat out there for this game that favours the Commanders except the score.

And of course right at the end the Bears have the chance to win it and come up a nano-cm short.


Watching the Bears is an amazingly frustrating task. For every good thing that happens there are numerous bad things. At least we’re not the Lions.

NFC North: Lions on a bye week

The Lions actually had one of their best performances of the season as they had a bye week. (They still sucked).

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