Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Nagy and Pace : Make Them History

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I’ve said it. Being beaten by divisional rivals is bad enough, but being beaten by divisional rivals who absolutely stink themselves is criminal.

Why Pace? Why Nagy? Why Now?

Anyone can see that the moves made by the GM during the summer did nothing to address the elephant in the room – the offensive line. Signing Jimmy Graham to a 2 year contract? Forget about it! Signing a TE with your first pick AFTER signing said Tight End? Totally, forget about it!

Nagy is not immune to this. He was hot in his first season, nobody can doubt that. Since that point, he’s been utterly woeful. Our offense has been awful no matter who’s under centre.

Much has been written about the issues we face, but at some point the buck stops with the coach and the GM.

Both issues are entirely systemic – personnel AND the offensive plan.

Matt Nagy needs to go

What’s Next? Enter Chuck

Things are so bad that, genuinely, I’d sign any head coach who gave us a bump right now to at least make the play offs.

What if we had the answer in the building already?

I’d sack Nagy AND Pace today. I’d give coach Pagano the keys to the building for the remainder of this season, and rejig the offense to at least try to give us some sort of rank, instead of being rank awful. He can stamp his authority on the team, and in doing this, we’d have some sort of continuity in the coaching ranks moving forward.

5-5 from 5-1. Who’d a thunk it? Sheesh!

It should not be THIS hard to be a bears fan, if you ask me….

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