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Mitch Or Switch At QB?

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Should The Bears Make Foles the Starter or stick with Mitch?

With the bears trading for Nick Foles in the off season, we discuss to see whether the bears would be better with the Super Bowl-winning QB, or stick with Mitch Trubisky in season 2020. Join the Ditka Digest as we make the case for each!

Win Now Mode?

When the bears traded for Khalil Mack, many assumed that the bears were heading into “win now” mode, utilising the fact that they had a relatively cheap QB under center – traditionally allowing teams to stack talent in other areas to support a push to the play offs, and hopefully a super bowl appearance.

However – but for the infamous “double doink” (do we need reminding? like seriously?), the bears could well have made a deep run into the play offs in 2018-2019. The talent, application, elite defense and playbook were all in place, we were ready.

Then came the 2019 season. Ouch. The train came right off the tracks. The playbook looked wrong, Mitchell Trubisky couldn’t complete a pass. The running backs, laden with talent, couldn’t get yards. Couldn’t get wins!

All of this makes for bad news for a QB who already had his fair share of detractors. Many questioned whether Trubisky had it in him, and worse still, whether Matt Nagy had the wherewithal to withstand the pressures of being an NFL head coach.

To finish 8-8 just won’t do for the Bears. This is the reality for fans, players, and coaches alike in Chicago.

The Case For Foles

In a trade that some people thought was overpaid, the bears acquired Nick Foles from the Jaguars. Ostensibly, Foles is there to provide some competition in the QB room, but some commentators saw it as a move on from Trubisky.

Many people, myself included, are unsure of how this will play out. Undoubtedly, the much publicised decision to decline the fifth year of the contract was a big sign of things to come.

Factor in also, Matt Nagy trusts Foles implicitly. The coaches all know Foles and have worked with him, such as Bill Lazor and John DeFilippo.

That’s the key part of this mind-boggling equation. If Nick Foles plays like he did for the Eagles from the get-go, we’ll all be slapping each other’s backs and saying “I never had any doubt. Not one time!”, and we’ll all be saying that the fourth round pick was a great deal.

On the other hand, if it’s the Nick Foles that turned out for what could only be described as a poor Jags team, then we’ll all be looking for Ryan Pace’s head on a stick. There are no half measures in Chi-Town, that’s for sure!

For me, at least, the cap number was the big part of this. We didn’t have much cap space to begin with, but actually looking at the numbers, Foles’ cap number accounts for 6.67M, which isn’t awful, by any stretch of the imagination.

That, combined with the relatively low pick, and the fact that he’s well known by the staff, means that he’s worth a try out.

Twitch For Mitch

Aside from the Mitch Trubisky haters out there (and there are a lot!), there are some who think that Mitchell wasn’t given a chance last season. It’s been widely acknowledged that the offensive line was an unmitigated disaster zones and there is the school of thought that says it’s kinda hard to complete passes when you’re on your back, covered by the opposing Defensive Lineman or Pass Rusher!

Trubisky has definitely shown that he’s a good fit for the system when he has protection, and he’s certainly athletic enough to make plays.

For example, this beauty against New England:

There IS hope. It’s on the GM, Ryan Pace, and the coach to put in place both the system and the supporting personnel to give him the best chance to perform. The added competition that Nick Foles brings could arguably spur Trubisky on to greater things.

Again, as above, with the cap number and the 4th round pick, if that brings the best out of Mitch, I’m good with that!


My prediction is that Mitch starts under center for the first 4 games. The first loss or thrown Pick sees him benched for Foles.

I’d love to think that we’ll end up winning the NFC North, but I think it’s a big ask.

I’d like to see Nick going on a winning run that ends up with us finishing maybe 10-6 or 11-5 and making the playoffs. From there, it’s a case of watch, hope and avoid a mass “Da Bears” style heart attack anytime we attempt a field goal!

Either way, it’s win now. Whoever is under center.

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