Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Mitch Trubisky is pissed off: I still feel like this is my team.

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We got our first official interaction with Mitch Trubisky this past Friday, and boy did he seem focused.

Since we last seen him in action the Chicago Bears have traded for Nick Foles and decided to decline Trubisky’s fifth year option, both of which Mitch addressed on the press conference call.

Mitch Trubisky on the Foles trade: “That’s the business that we’re in. I think I was pissed off in a good way. I’ve been motivated ever since”.

Everything is aligning for Mitch Trubisky to spur him on this season. Having his fifth year option declined; the Bears bringing in proper competition in a former Superbowl MVP; and being in a contract year and not knowing for sure where he will be playing next season.

Trubisky on his future: “Just go out there and earn my next contract, wherever that is. I want it to be here in Chicago. I’m going to play my heart and soul out for this team and give it everything I’ve got”.

From all credible accounts, nobody can say that Mitch Trubisky is not a hard-working team leader. His attitude and honesty make it much easier for people to continue to support him after the adversity of last season. Last season is in the rear view mirror now, Trubisky and the Bears are looking forward to this season and to re-positioning themselves as Kings in the North.

If Trubisky ever had an opportunity to prove the doubters wrong and assert himself as this team’s franchise quarterback, then this is it. The only things standing in his way are Nick Foles…and himself.

I’m fired up.

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