Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Justin Fields: He Is Our Future

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In the first pre-season game, we got our first tantalising glimpses of what Justin Fields will give us – and, boy, aren’t we in for a treat!

The first play wasn’t much to write home about, a simple handover to a run, but the remainder – well, wow, we see how much of an upgrade he is.

As was mentioned before, we just want so much from him, watch the highlights from the 1st half below:

The NFL writers even graded Justin Fields over many of the other rookies, that’s nice to see, and I don’t think anyone disagreed with that assessment.

What I liked was that he showed calmness in the pocket, good movement when he needed to, and presence to make some nice passes.

The touchdown pass was beautiful:

Okay, it was ONLY PRESEASON, but what does that matter to us loyal bears fans? Haven’t we been through enough already? Isn’t it time that we had some fresh hope on our hands?


I think it’s time to start Justin Fields. I’m not the only one that thinks so:

Haters are gonna hate, and Andy Dalton is going to be very, very disappointed:

What do you think Bears fans? Is it truly time to believe? One more time?

Even Ted Lasso wants to believe, right?

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