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Dalton: All Bad?

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After a little time of digesting the signing of Andy Dalton as our starting QB, we take a closer look at what this can mean for the team for next season.

I admit it. I was angry. Raging even. How dare they sign the second string QB from the Cowboys, the Cowboys of all teams as our new starting QB.

Someone who I regarded as in the lower echelons of Quarter Backs.

I’ve had some time to think about it. To really give it some deep thought.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m still angry. I feel like we’ve got a little bit of an upgrade, but for 10 million?

Then I got to thinking – okay, think of the upsides. What will this look like?

Well – let’s (try) to take dispassionate look at what he will bring:

Dalton: All Bad: The Positives

Attitude – Dalton will doubtless feel aggrieved over how we was treated at the end in Cincinnati, and almost certainly he will feel that he has a rather large point to prove. That means a lot!

Leadership – You certainly can’t question that in the dressing room and organisation, Dalton was highly regarded as a leader. That again, counts for much.

Playoffs – He does have play off experience – much the same experience as ours, it must be said, but he does know how to get there.

Ginger Hair – The bears dressing room was definitely missing some Celtic-style ginger hair heritage (I can say this – I’m Scottish, and was born Ginger, okay?!)

Underrated – It is arguable that Dalton is hugely underrated as a QB. Taking aside his horrendous cameo last season in amongst what can only be described as a crushed car in the NFC East car crash, his stats are respectable.


Ginger Hair – Let’s be honest, who hasn’t taken the absolute Mickey at some point out of him when was with other teams – and who has also taken stick from rival fans already?

Poor Play – My big worry is that the poor play with the Cowboys last year wasn’t a blip – it was actually his level. That worries me greatly.

Age – Although 33 isn’t old for a QB, it’s hardly “peak age”. He’s the right guy for “right now”, but not the long term answer.

Salary – Honestly, we’ve overpaid for him. Considering there wasn’t a massive QB free agent market, I feel like 10 million was a lot to pay, especially given the salary cap issues we’ve had. We could have drafted a QB, and we certainly should have paid him a lot less.

Upgrade – Is Dalton actually an upgrade over Trubisky or Foles? Is he much better than Foles? I’m not totally sold on it!


I’m not totally sold on Andy Dalton.

I’m massively massively disappointed that we signed him, especially with the salary.

I just think it is the latest and arguably worst mis-step in recent time.

What Now?

Is Andy Dalton the answer that we’ve been waiting for? The Magic Elixir that gets us to the playoffs, or even the championship game?

I doubt it, if I’m honest. I want to believe (like the X-Files), but the missing X factor just isn’t there.

I do wonder if Pace will pull off some miracle and draft a starting QB AND get rid of Nick Foles, so that somehow we can end up being a contender quickly. I wouldn’t really want Pace to trade the family silver to move up in the draft though, that’s the only thing that I’ll say about it.

I will repeat my earlier call for Pace and Nagy to be gone. The only thing that saved them was that the bears made the playoffs, but that doesn’t look like happening again.

Let’s keep hoping for positive things to happen, but I’m not holding my breath!

Post-Script: Okay. I wasn’t completely dispassionate about it. I hope I’m wrong!

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