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Chicago Bears 2020 Schedule – Predicting the outcome of each game

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The Chicago Bears 2020 schedule sees the boys with something to prove. They are coming off a disappointing down year in 2019 which still saw them finish 8-8. With question marks over their offense and in particular the quarterback position, it will be interesting to see how they react to the adversity of last year and the low expectations assigned to them this year.

One of my favourite parts of the oh so very long offseason is the much-anticipated schedule release.
As the schedule rumours come and go – some more reliable than others – we begin to get a picture of how the Bears 2020 schedule will look for our teams. I immediately start looking for wins, losses, revenge games, and diamonds in the rough, all in bid to make the season seem closer than it is.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a prediction of how I think the Bears 2020 Schedule will go based on what we know thus far. Here we go…

Bears 2020 schedule predictions week-by-week

Weeks 1-4
Week 1 – @ Detroit Lions
The Bears haven’t had a week 1 win since 2013, I think that may change this season. Chicago have held the upper hand over Detroit for the last 2 seasons running. Detroit had a nice offseason, but I believe it will be too early on for it to make a difference. Bears win. Record: 1-0.

Week 2 – New York Giants
The first home game of the year sees the Giants come to town, a team coming off a disappointing 4-12 record last year. I wasn’t overly impressed with Daniel Jones’s rookie year, and despite NY possessing a generational talent in Barkley, the Bears defence will be too much. Bears win. Record: 2-0.

Week 3 – @ Atlanta Falcons
Going to Atlanta in the past seemed like a daunting prospect and based on the fact that they finished last season with 4 straight wins, you might say that is still true. I don’t buy them being the same offensive powerhouse. Bears win. Record: 3-0.

Week 4 – Indianapolis Colts
This should be a good one. Chicago comes home to finish off the first quarter of the season and they welcome the Colts, who lost 7 of their last 9 games in 2019. Don’t let that fool you, the Colts are a well-coached team and have made some key additions in the offseason, most notably Phillip Rivers and DeForest Buckner. With the bears having home advantage I have them getting the very narrow, hard-fought win here. Bears win. Record: 4-0.

Bears 2020 Schedule : Weeks 5-8

Week 5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Our first primetime game of the season is a big one as Tom Brady heads to Chicago. I believe Tampa Bay to be one of the most overrated teams heading into this season, for obvious reasons. Can they live up to the hype? I think the Bears have a point to prove in front of the nation and come out with a big win. Bears win. Record: 5-0

Week 6 – @ Carolina Panthers
This is one of those games that the Bears should win, and one that can make all the difference come the end of the regular season. I think they do just that a beat a Panthers team starting life without Cam Newton. Bears win. Record: 6-0

Week 7 – @ LA Rams
These two teams meet in prime time yet again. The Rams are a different team this year with the loss of some pretty big names. The Bears are rolling at this point and manage to sneak a win on the west coast. Bears win. Record: 7-0.

Week 8 – New Orleans Saints
This starts a tough 3 game stretch for the Bears who welcome Drew Brees and friends to Chicago. The Saints at this point are still too much for Chicago to overcome and they pick up the win on the road. Saints Win. Record: 7-1.

Bears 2020 schedule : Weeks 9-12

Week 9 – @ Tennessee Titans
Away from home, and the ninth grueling game of the season sees the Bears pick up their second loss of the year in a closely fought contest. Titans win. Record: 7-2.

Week 10 – Minnesota Vikings

Chicago head home to take on the Kirk Cousins in prime time in Week 10. We all know how Cousins has fared both in prime time against the Bears the past two years. More of the same this season. Bears win. Record: 8-2

Week 11 – BYE

Week 12 – @ Green Bay Packers
After a much needed bye week Chicago heads to Wisconsin. But like in recent years, the Bears seem to come out flat after a rest week. Like it or not, Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field is a tough obstacle to overcome, and that holds true here. Packers win. Record: 8-3.

Bears 2020 Schedule : Weeks 13-17

Week 13 – Detroit Lions
Chicago sweep the board against Detroit for the third season in a row with a bounce back win. Bears win. Record: 9-3.

Week 14 – Houston Texans
If Mitch starts this game, then we know what the chat will be heading into it. Say no more. Even still, I think the Texans made some questionable moves in the off-season and may have made more before the season starts. There was a lot made of a tweet from Deshaun Watson a few weeks back, and the Bears will have this game circled on the calendar. I could still see the Texans sneak a win at Soldier Field with Deshaun counting to 12. But I reckon Chicago, and possibly Mitch Trubisky have their day. Bears win. Record: 10-3.

Week 15 – @ Minnesota Vikings
Something tells me that Minnesota will be a better team as the season goes along. Going to the U.S Bank Stadium in week 15 will be tough. Chicago battles hard but are overcome by the Vikings in a close match-up. Mike Zimmer eventually gets a win over Matt Nagy. Record: 10-4.

Week 16 – @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Could this be the Nick Foles revenge game? Might be. The Jaguars are not a good team. Chicago need to win these types of games and I think they do it in a blow out fashion. Bears win. Record: 11-4.

Week 17 – Green Bay Packers
The Bears are at home and they are fired up to finish the season strong against their biggest rivals. I’m guessing that there may very well be a lot on the line for both teams going into this one. Chicago knows what it could mean it they don’t make the post-season this year, and with the pressure on they squeeze out a win on the last game of the regular season. Bears win. Record: 12-4.

Season Record: 12-4
Of course, predicting how a team will perform in June is more a fun offseason activity than anything else. This may seem like quite an optimistic outlook on the Bears 2020 schedule, but I genuinely believe that this team are nowhere near as bad as they are being made out in the mainstream media.

The Bears 2020 schedule will be helped by having some key players back and have added some interesting parts in the draft and free agency. Whether the Bears roll with Trubisky or Foles remains to be seen, but either way I see them improving on their 8-8 record from a year ago.

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