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Bears Post 2020: Roster Rebuild Ideas

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Luke starts some thoughts on how the Bears look at the season beyond 2020, analysing a fellow bears fans’ thoughts and seeing if it can fly.

Can we tank for <insert name here>? 🙂

Bears Tanking In 2021?

Johnathan really got me thinking about possibilities. He posted a really interesting series of tweets that really got me thinking about what’s next.

Let’s take a look and see if it stacks up.

Okay, my man, I’m ready to go with whatever you’ve got to throw at me.

Let’s rock!

On the face of it, I’d go with #1. I’ve already written my opinion on Nagy and Pace at the Bears, and how they need to leave the building now, but it’s also worth looking at the older players to see if we can get value for them.

So, I’d be onboard with #2 as well. Get some sort of value for ’em.

Let’s carry on, what’s next?

#3 is an interesting point. I’d be onboard with the Bears cutting other fringe guys who don’t give us an upside – so, yeah, Skrine, Massie, Leno and Graham can all eat it and leave. I’m good with that.

#4. Again – given the situation next season, it’s conceivable that we can get some vets on min wages to fill out our roster with some talent. It’s definitely do-able. So, yeah, I’m okay with this too.

Are you afraid yet? It’s unusual for me to agree so much, right?

Okay – let’s carry on, bring it on:

#5. Okay. Here we have it. I’m biting here. I’d let Trubisky and RRH walk, but I’d keep ARob if the figure can work for us. In football terms, he’s both young enough and delivering enough to be worth a cap figure of $15 million.

Patterson – I’m not sold on just letting him walk. That’s tough for me. But do-able.

#6. I get it. Trade back if there are teams who are willing to give it up. The Colts did it, and you can see the benefits of having multiple picks to take people. It means that you can take fliers, and you never know – they might just work.

And if not – well, it’s one of many dart throws, right?

So. I’m not totally losing my mind yet, let’s see what else we’re looking at.

#7 I’m 142% on board with. If you can get lots of great picks, suddenly you can be in a real good place, real quick.

#8. Urk. I just felt some sick in my mouth. Be like the Lions, you say? Ouch. Sucking hard is tricksy and difficult to do, and harder to take as a fan. Sometimes you’ve gotta do it, though!

Although I do agree, the tanking for X approach is fraught with Risk.

What happens if you end up having a decent year and you’re not in the top 3 for draft picks. Suddenly, you’ve sold the house and have nothing to show for it – history has shown that draft picks 4 and down are nowhere near as treasured in terms of what you’ll get for them.

It IS risky. And possible.

From my side, I’m partially sold on this. It’s gonna be tough to see the team tank. But if it’s for one season, then I can handle it, I’ve been here before for many years and, as we all know, they make Bears fans tough, right?

But how many more times can we go through rebuilds with little or no sign of success?

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