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Bears need perspective and performance in wk 10

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After three consecutive defeats to presumptive playoff teams, the Bears need perspective as they head into Monday Night Football with the Vikings. But equally as important is a performance.

With Matt Nagy finally relinquishing the offensive play calling, the Bears need to add an offence to a defence that has kept them in those last three games even when they probably shouldn’t have been. For all the nay sayers claiming the Bears are a bad team, the defence is arguably one of the best in the NFL.

Bears need perspective

With a 14 point loss to the Rams, supposedly a team in search of a playoff spot, and playing in the hardest division in football, the Bears began a losing skid. That skid then went though a 3-point overtime loss to perennial playoff team the New Orleans Saints, and a 7 point loss to last years AFC Championship runners up Tennessee Titans.

So despite the doom and gloom that currently surrounds the Bears, all they have done is lost three games to one good team, and two very good teams. Against the Titans the defence even managed to slow down one of the top backs in the league, holding Derrick Henry to 68-yards on 21 carries. The Bears need perspective because the D is more than good enough.

So while there is certainly room for concern, that shouldn’t impact on the view of the defense. Yes the tackling has looked suspect at times, and the run defence has looked soft in places. But that wasn’t the case last weekend.

Perspective tells us that the Bears have an elite D that has the potential to take us on a good playoff run. It also tells us the offence is a train wreck. With the elevation of Nick Foles to the starting QB position, things were supposed to improve, but have arguably gotten worse.

The removal of a running threat from the QB position has allowed defences to play that little bit softer and not fear the Foles run. With Mitchell Trubisky back there some of the key drives that have stalled out may have been converted with a little bit of off the cuff creativity. But the Bears need perspective and need to understand the offensive pieces and how to use them.

Bears need a performance

But with Trubisky out there can be no second guessing. Foles has to step up. The Bears inexplicably traded for Foles in the offseason when another option may have been more wise. It declined Trubiksy’s fifth year option which pretty much guarantees he will be gone next season. And while Trubisky has certain not proven himself as the franchise QB, Foles now needs to do so.

Foles was the architect of one of the greatest Super Bowl runs in recent years. But don’t kid yourself into thinking he’s shown that in the rest of his career. He has won games playing for a great Eagles roster, and elevated himself for the biggest games of his career.

Since leaving the Eagles and signing that massive 4-year $88 million deal with the Jaguars Foles has gone 2-8 with 13 touchdowns and 9 interceptions across two teams. The Bears need perspective and are tied to Foles for next year to the tune of $10.3-million in dead cap. So don’t expect Foles to be shifted before the end of 2021 at the earliest.

This is Foles team and he needs to show up against the Vikings. With the Packers waiting in the wings for the end of November this game takes on an almost must win scenario. Following that Packers game are four very winnable games if the Bears can top the Vikings (Lions, Texans, Vikings again, and Jags).

With five wins likely needed to make the playoffs this season still has a good chance of reaching the playoffs, but the Bears need perspective and performance. The removal of Nagy from play calling certainly helps with both. Now Foles needs to step up and lead this team.

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