Thursday, January 21, 2021

Bears 85 – The Best Team Ever

The Bears in ’85 were just a great team. A great defense, arguably the best ever.

Of course, you can also read the book about it, if you haven’t already! (It’s a must-read for any self respecting Bears fan)

Bears 85 – Superbowl XX

Never mind Mitch for now, or who’ll be our starting QB!

First, read about the victory, and *then*, for your viewing pleasure, here’s the full game of the win. Enjoy!

Bears Shuffle

Just in case, you’ve missed this, here’s the song that the bears made. It’s a “classic”!

Are you a “Super Fan”?

No look back on the bears would be complete without at least a passing reference to Bill Swerski’s super fans, here’s one of my favourites:

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