Nagy – Calling Plays Again – Analysis

With the news that Matt Nagy is resuming play calling duties, we take a look at what this means for the Bears in the upcoming season. Is this the last chance saloon? Can he make play calling work? The Scoop? CBS Sports reported it during last week, and there was plenty...

Dalton: All Bad?

After a little time of digesting the signing of Andy Dalton as our starting QB, we take a closer...

Packers Fallout – The Fans Views

As we reel from yet another defeat by Green Bay, we take a look at feedback from the fans.

Luke Campbell


Kap Call for Bears QB: Time to call Colin?

With the news that the bears were bringing in De Shone Kizer for a try out, we speculate on other options for the bears to help cover the QB position.

Bears Post 2020: Roster Rebuild Ideas

Luke starts some thoughts on how the bears look at the season beyond 2020, analysing a fellow bears fans' thoughts and seeing if it can fly.

Nagy and Pace : Make Them History

Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace should be despatched immediately and told never to return.

Chicago Bears beat Atlanta – we say Wow!

As Bears fans around the world revel in the comeback victory, we take our...

Trubisky: Where Does This Leave Us?

With the news that Mitch Trubisky has been named starter, Luke considers what has changed for the Bears and whether or not we are...

Bears 85 – The Best Team Ever

The Bears in '85 were just a great team. A great defense, arguably the best ever. Of course, you can also read the book about...

Foles Profile: The New #1 in Chicago?

Foles has a Super Bowl Ring, Can He Add To It? Nick Foles is now a Chicago Bear. We take a look back at his...

Profile: Tarik Cohen

Bears RB Tarik Cohen is ready to take 2020 by storm Cohen's college career was marked by concerns over his height. He was taken on...

Profile: Allen Robinson II

Chicago's WR1 Allen Robinson II is a man on a mission in 2020 Bleacher Nation have Robinson throwing up WR1 numbers this season, and we...

Tarik Cohen: What Now?

Tarik Cohen, as many bears fans are aware, can be an absolutely devastating weapon on any offense. But - our question is - can we...

Mitch Or Switch At QB?

With the bears trading for Nick Foles in the off season, we examine the evidence to see whether the bears would be better with the Super Bowl-winning QB, or stick with Mitchell Trubisky in season 2020.